It is hypocritical to protest Israel but be silent on Syria and Yemen

Since the October 7 pogrom by Hamas – the worst atrocity committed against Jews since the Holocaust – the world has witnessed not an outpouring of grief for the 1,200 Israelis killed, but an alarming increase in Jew-hatred. Pro-Palestinian demonstrations have taken place on university campuses across the US, with expressions of support for Hamas […]

Israel deserves every bit of the global public criticism it is receiving

The ongoing explosion in public activism in the United States and the world for a ceasefire in Gaza and equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians is a battleground as important as the military face-off over Gaza in this century-old conflict. It reveals the eroding efficacy of traditional pro-Israel propaganda in the face of more visible and explicitly apartheid […]

It’s high time the West ends its stomach-churning doublespeak on Palestine

On November 15, after long negotiations and four failed attempts to reach a consensus, the United Nations Security Council finally adopted a resolution on what it calls the “Israel-Palestine crisis”. Resolution 2712, adopted with 12 votes in favour, zero against and three abstentions (from Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States), however, did not […]

Israel has lost the war of public opinion

In a new media landscape dominated not by Western media giants but by Instagram reels, TikTok videos and YouTube shorts, Israel’s ongoing war on the besieged Gaza Strip is more than televised. Audiences across the world, and especially young people, have been watching the devastation caused by Israel’s indiscriminate bombardment of the Palestinian enclave on […]

COP28: Israel should not be allowed to greenwash its war on Gaza

As its war on Gaza continues with no end in sight, Israel will be participating in the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) which started on Thursday in Dubai. For the Israeli government, this will be an invaluable opportunity to engage in “green diplomacy”, promote its climate technologies, and divert the international community’s attention […]

Happily, Joe Biden is finished

It will be remembered, I hope, as the hug that sank a craven president. It was mid-October. US President Joe Biden made the requisite pilgrimage to Tel Aviv to show that his staunch support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not simply rhetorical. His grateful host, fidgety with excitement, waited for Biden to emerge […]