Talk to celebrities via AI chatbot! Know how to create your own character on – HT Tech

The debut of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November 2022, has kickstarted an AI chatbot revolution and now every big tech company is developing their own conversational chatbots. But why talk to a generic AI bot when you can have conversations with the digital likeness of famous personalities? This is now possible due to the emergence of […]

Revolutionising Note-Taking: Google Introduces NotebookLM AI – DATAQUEST

Google has made NotebookLM AI, a revolutionary note-taking tool infused with a sophisticated large language model, available to all users in the United States. This announcement follows the app’s unveiling at the Google I/O conference in May, followed by a testing period with a small group of users under the codename “Project Tailwind.” NotebookLM distinguishes […]

Apple Blocks Beeper Mini’s iMessage Service Citing Security Concerns; Beeper Tries to Get App Running Aga… – Gadgets 360

Beeper Mini was recently released as an Android app that allowed users to access Apple’s iMessage service for a small monthly fee. The attempt was something similar to what UK-based Nothing had introduced recently. But soon after its launch, the app, from former Pebble Co-Founder Eric Migicovsky, faced an outage. Apple confirmed that it blocked […]

Google’s ‘multimodal’ AI model Gemini: What it means for enterprises? – Moneycontrol

Representative image Google’s Gemini has already got enterprises and start-ups excited as they find a worthy alternate to OpenAI’s GPT-4, said industry experts, coming few days after the technology giant unveiled its largest and most advanced AI model to date. Analysts unanimously called this a big leg up for Google in the ongoing generative AI […]