Astronaut Captures Image Of Mysterious “Red Sprite” High Above The Earth – NDTV

The rapid occurrence of a red sprite, lasting merely a millisecond, presents a challenge for scientists A European Space Agency (ESA)astronaut recently photographed an uncommon occurrence termed a red sprite. Astronaut Andreas Mogensen captured these images using a high-resolution camera for the Thor-Davis experiment at Danish Technical University. The experiment aims to investigate upper atmospheric […]

‘Steve’ phenomenon looks like an aurora, acts like an aurora, but what is it? –

The enchanting auroras, with their vibrant displays of green, red, and purple curtains, have long captivated observers of the night sky. However, the recent emergence of peculiar aurora-like phenomena — the mauve and white streaks known as “Steve” and their often accompanying glowing green “picket fence” — has intrigued scientists and sky-watchers alike. First identified […]