Press Release

What is an AI enabled Press Release?

AI enabled Press Release is a powerful workflow with an array of tools for businesses to communicate with the media and the public about their products or services. Here are five important reasons why businesses need to consider AI for Press Releases as part of their marketing strategy:

To announce a new product or service that solves a problem or meets a need for your target audience.
To showcase your expertise and credibility in your industry or niche, and position yourself as a thought leader or an authority.
To generate publicity and exposure for your brand, and attract potential customers, partners, investors, or collaborators.
To share your success stories, achievements, awards, recognitions, or testimonials that demonstrate your value and impact.
To respond to a crisis, controversy, or negative feedback, and protect your reputation and trustworthiness.

SEO & Keywords Optimization

> SEO and keywords optimization to boost online visibility.

Engaging & Informative

> engaging and informative content for target audience.

Data Analysis & Observability

> data analysis and feedback to improve marketing strategy.

Save Time & Money

> save time and money by automating the writing, distribution, SE optimization & processes.

Smart Marketplace Workflow

> AI enabled marketplace built specifically for news production and distribution.

Select one of the subscription packages for your business growth.

Access AI engine and type the title of your press release to start generating content for your review.

Change the status of your post from Draft to Publish when ready.

Edit and make changes even if your press release is live and distributed. AI for Press Release can make instant changes to your live content across regions & globally.

Monitor results and start receiving calls and emails depending on your action request in the press release.