How does Israel compare to failed states?

Critics describe Israel as a political entity that can only survive with repression and state-sanctioned violence. Israel has been in a state of near-perpetual war for decades, receives billions of dollars a year in aid and weapons, and has consistently broken international law by expanding its occupation and settlements. Governments and international human rights organisations […]

Israel-Gaza war: Does the West have the power to stop Israel?

Former French ambassador to Israel talks with Marc Lamont Hill on the West’s response to Israel’s war on Gaza. While Western countries initially expressed their unconditional support for Israel after the October 7 attacks, eventually some began voicing their concern as the humanitarian crisis and the civilian death toll in Gaza worsened. France’s President Emmanuel […]

Will Israel heed US calls to protect civilians or risk ‘strategic failure’?

The administration of US President Joe Biden appears to be ramping up pressure on Israel to keep Palestinians safe. Israel’s military has resumed its assault on the besieged Gaza Strip after a seven-day truce collapsed. More than 15,000 people have been killed in Gaza since early October, according to Palestinian health authorities. The limited number […]

Iran’s Kharazi: Defining red lines before an Israeli aggression

Iran supreme leader’s adviser on Hezbollah, Hamas and potential military action against Israel. Since the start of Israel’s war on Gaza after Hamas’s surprise attack on October 7, Iran’s role has been a subject of speculation. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has denied the country’s involvement but labelled the offensive a success. The conflict […]

What are the implications of Israel’s reported use of AI in Gaza war?

Israel is reportedly using artificial intelligence technology to select and expand potential targets. Israel’s war has devastated much of Gaza. The few days of calm under a temporary ceasefire with Hamas have all but disappeared now, with Israel resuming its air strikes and shelling. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly warned that he wants […]

Can Israel learn from the intelligence failure that led to Hamas attack?

Renewed Israeli bombardment of Gaza after the truce is worsening the humanitarian crisis. Israel has one of the most advanced and well-equipped militaries in the world. And yet, on October 7, Hamas fighters breached the Gaza border fence, infiltrated southern Israel and killed about 1,200 people. Israel responded by declaring war on Hamas. Its bombing […]

Is Israel meeting its obligations under the laws of war?

Questions raised about responsibility and accountability as Israel resumes bombardment of Gaza. Israel has resumed its bombardment of Gaza after mediators failed to extend a seven-day ceasefire in the besieged territory. Air strikes have targeted houses and refugee camps in the north, in the centre and in the south of Gaza. Palestinians there were already […]