Abe Nasser is an Afghan-American based in San Francisco with over 27 years of experience in media, entertainment, technology and business development. 

With a software engineering background, he has founded many international multi-million dollar businesses to make the world a better place. He has worked for high-profile technology companies such as Cisco, Intel, Google, Verizon, Lockheed Martin, Fastly, Lumen, and IBM, where he was responsible for software engineering, system development, systems integration and sales/training enablement for multi-billion dollar technology partner companies around the globe.

He is the author of Ten Thousands Prayers, founder of Rumi Awards, AnyStreams, and innovator of an array of fastest growing AI enabled news & media platforms including and
Nasser is an expert in developing marketplaces and automating business workflows across industries using artificial intelligence for IT automation and custom solutions. NewsRelease aims to provide its audiences additional perspectives on the information and knowledge they have access to. His goal is to ensure that information and knowledge is used for the good of humanity.