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The news that 7.7 million Zimbabweans are in dire need of food assistance is cause for concern and explains why concerted efforts must be taken to avert a humanitarian catastrophe. 

Development Diaries reports that there are additional concerns that 4.5 million children would require meals in schools, aside from the 7.7 million people affected by El Nino-induced drought in the country, according to the Zimbabwe Livelihoods Assessment Committee (ZimLAC).

More findings also reveal that six million people living in rural areas would need assistance between May 2024 and March 2025, according to the Rapid Village-based Food Assessment.

In response to the dire situation, urgent action is imperative on both national and international fronts. First, the Zimbabwean government should mobilise resources to provide immediate relief to the 7.7 million citizens in dire need of food assistance.


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It is expected that food aid will be distributed to affected regions, water conservation measures will be implemented, and access to medical care will be provided for those facing malnutrition-related health issues.

Second, the Zimbabwean government should collaborate with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international aid organisations to efficiently coordinate relief efforts and ensure that assistance reaches the most vulnerable populations.

Finally, Development Diaries calls for financial aid, food supplies, and technical assistance to help mitigate the effects of the drought and prevent further suffering, particularly among the 4.5 million children who rely on school meals for sustenance.

Also, we call on the government of Zimbabwe to implement long-term solutions, such as sustainable agricultural practices and infrastructure development, to enhance the country’s resilience to droughts and climate-related disasters.

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