White House: The US has no intention of escalating the war in Ukraine – Факти

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The White House assures , that the US administration does not seek to escalate the conflict in Ukraine in any form, TASS reported, quoted by BTA.

At the regular press briefing, White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre was asked to comment on remarks by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who suggested the alliance’s allies should reconsider whether Ukraine should be able to strike military targets with Western weapons. objects located on the internationally recognized Russian territory.

“We are very grateful to our NATO allies, more than 50 countries, who managed to unite and support Ukraine in its struggle for its own sovereign territory. I just don’t have anything beyond that. To be honest, we don’t want this situation [in Ukraine] to escalate in any form,” Jean-Pierre replied.

According to her, high-ranking officials from the Washington administration “clearly stated the [American] position on the use of military aid“ provided to Kiev. The US executive branch, the White House spokeswoman continued, considers it important for Congress to approve additional budget appropriations for aid to Ukraine in April so that Kiev can “continue to protect its democracy”. “We want this to continue,” the White House spokeswoman added.


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“We believe that Ukraine should have everything it needs for self-defense. This is our position”.

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