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Jace Christian Hanson said he committed the vile acts because he didn’t like the job at first. (Image: @CCofelt/X)

21-year-old Jace Christian Hanson, working at an upscale steakhouse in Kansas, admitted to the police that he tainted food served to patrons on multiple occasions. An employee at Hereford House steakhouse, Hanson revealed that he placed his genitals on salmon, urinated on pickles and put lettuce down his pants, contaminating food over 20 times, New York Post reported.

Hanson even posted videos of his sick antics online. He worked at the steakhouse for less than a month before being busted by the police. According to him, his acts were inspired by men he met on dating sites who made special requests to him. Police were tipped off by FBI agents investigating possible intentional food contamination at the eatery.

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According to the report in New York Post, detectives were provided with thumbnails of videos posted on a website called thisvid.com by a user named “Vandalizer”. The clips depicted nauseating acts committed by a male including “urinating in food contained in restaurant-style bins, pressing food items against his penis and buttocks, and using their feet to touch food items.”


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Hanson admitted to contaminating the food, telling the cops, “I’ll just be straight up, yeah,” adding that he had “just been doing stupid s**t.” He also admitted to masturbating in the restaurant’s walk-in refrigerator but  denied putting any bodily fluids on any food products. Upon being asked the reason behind his behaviour, he said initially he did it because he didn’t like the job but continued it even after enjoying work.

Hereford House, which has been in business since 1957, said in a statement that, “This is an upsetting situation for our customers and for all of us connected to the restaurant.”

The statement added that the community has been supportive and the restaurant “looks forward to continuing serving everyone.”

Meanwhile, Hanson was arrested on and booked on felony charges of criminal threat, which can elicit a prison sentence of up to 13 months and a fine of up to $100,000.

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