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Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un have signed a mutual defence clause in their agreement with each other, to deal with external aggressors from the west

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have signed a new agreement which includes a promise of mutual aid if one of their countries is attacked, amidst increasing tensions for both with the west, according to new agency AP.

Vladimir Putin: Russia and North Korea have vowed to protect each other if attacked(File photo)

There is no clarity on what kind of aid is referred to in the deal, which has only been described as a ‘comprehensive strategic partnership’.

The deal was inked in Putin’s first visit to Pyongyang in 24 years. North Korea has allegedly been providing arms to Moscow in it’s war against Ukraine, which has led several western countries to apply sanctions against the two countries. Russia has been offering North Korea with knowledge transfers and economic aid to develop its nuclear and missile weapons program.

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Putin said, according to Russian news agency TASS, Russia would not rule out developing a military-technical cooperation with North Korea.

According to Ria Novosti, Kim Jong Un was quoted saying that the agreement was peaceful and meant for defence, “I have no doubt it will become a driving force accelerating the creation of a new multipolar world.”

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The two countries also signed deals on cooperation in the fields of healthcare, medical education, and science, Russian state media reported.

The two day summit between Putin and Kim Jong Un was meant to consolidate their economic and mlilitary powers to resist what Putin termed as ‘illegal’ sanctions against the two countries.

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Putin thanked Kim Jong Un for North Korea’s support of his war in Ukraine and also for being part of the “fight against the imperialist hegemonistic policies of the U.S. and its satellites against the Russian Federation.”

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