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The three women also follow a rigorous exercise regime, often in matching workout clothes.

A  video has surfaced on social media showing quite an unconventional relationship of an American man who has three wives. What’s more, is that he is also now paying for their plastic surgeries to get them into ‘ideal shape’. Notably, Mazayah Andrews, an entrepreneur, is married to Stephanie, Rose, and Dezaray, Daily Star reported. He entered into a polyamorous relationship after he broke up with Stephanie and began dating Rose. However, when Stephanie got back together with him, they decided to keep Rose in their relationship.

“We decided to bring other women into our life when we split apart. We were just like, let’s get another girlfriend because [Stephanie] is bisexual so we were like, let’s do it,” Mazayah explained in an interview. Recently, they added a fourth person into the relationship, Dezaray. Rose said that she “added the last little piece of fun and excitement that we needed”.

The three women refer to themselves as ‘sister wives’ and split their time with Mazayah evenly. More recently, the women said that they were going to undergo plastic surgeries to please their husband. Mazayah has even sketched out the ”ideal body shape” for them. Notably, he is already spending money on Stephanie’s ‘b**b job,’ and revealed that the other two are also interested in changing themselves. 

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He told the Love Don’t Judge podcast, ”So since [Stephanie] spoke about getting plastic surgery and stuff, the other wives have also been mentioning plastic surgery.” While Rose is keen on a Brazilian butt lift, Dezaray also wants to upgrade her breast size. 

The three women said that they are confident of their good looks, but the cosmetic surgery will make them look ”so much better.” Stephanie said, ”We’ve already got the personality, so now we’ll get just a little enhancement.”

The three women also follow a rigorous exercise regime, often in matching workout clothes.

Notably, they have gained a lot of social media fame and recognition after they appeared on multiple TV shows like AfroTv And TrulyTv to discuss their polyamorous relationship. 

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