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Knife-wielding assailant injures several in anti-Islam rally in Mannheim, Germany; police detain attacker after firing shots.

Police detained a knife-wielding assailant who injured several people in a square in Mannheim, southwest Germany on Friday. Officers fired at the attacker, who was also injured.

Knife-wielding assailant injures anti-Islam activist in Mannheim, Germany.(X/Herqles)

The incident occurred around 11:30 am (local time) in an event organised by the Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa, described as “anti-Islamisation”.

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Mannheim police reported a major operation at the market square, with a rescue helicopter and suspended tram services.

“A firearm was used against the attacker,” Mannheim police said in a statement.

Authorities assured the public that there was no longer a threat, though the motive behind the attack remains unknown.

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Germany knife attack video goes viral

A live streamed footage from the scene shows civilians attempting to subdue the attacker, who also stabbed a police officer. Another officer eventually shot the suspect while he was grappling with another man.

Anti-Islam activist target?

A livestream showed anti-Islam activist Michael Stuerzenberger getting ready to address a small audience. The video was marked with a watermark associated with Stuerzenberger’s “Open Eyes” anti-Islam tour.

His organisation Pax Europa said Stürzenberger was among those injured, Deutsche Welle reported.

However, police said they could not yet give details about any injuries among the demonstrators in the square.

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Stürzenberger, who calls himself Islam-critical journalist, has been associated with far-right anti-Islam organisations, including the PEGIDA movement.

European Parliament campaign nears its end

The assault took place at Marktplatz, in Mannheim’s downtown area. The city, with a population of around 3,00,000, is located south of Frankfurt.

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The incident comes at a time when the European Parliament campaign nears its end and elections are due in a week, during which the far-right Alternative for Germany party has focused part of its campaign on highlighting what it claims is the risk associated with migration from Muslim-majority nations.

(Inputs from Reuters)

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