Video: Israel Defense Forces and Air Force release new footage of strike on Lebanese territory – Times of India

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Nov 12, 2023, 09:11PM ISTSource:

The latest video released by the IDF showcases the military’s actions, including their response to a recent terrorist attack. In a troubling incident, terrorists attempted to launch anti-tank missiles toward northern Israel, prompting immediate action from the IDF. An Israeli UAV swiftly struck a terrorist cell that had embedded itself within a civilian area in Lebanon, where the cell had sinister intentions to open fire toward Israeli territory.In a related development, the Israeli Air Force has made public a video capturing an airstrike that targeted multiple Hezbollah locations in Lebanese territory. This airstrike is a direct response to an earlier shooting incident from the same area, demonstrating the IDF’s commitment to safeguarding security. Notably, the targets of these strikes included facilities used by terrorists to coordinate and execute direct attacks, further underscoring the IDF’s dedication to countering threats in the region.

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