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Nyah had graduated from eighth grade two days before the tragedy.

A 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by police in New York’s Utica on June 28 after he wielded a replica gun, as per a report in People Magazine. Around 10 pm, Police Officer Patrick Husnay along with two other officers were patrolling an area where “at least two” robberies had taken place recently. The cops went up to Nyah Mway and another boy, also aged 13, who “were in the immediate vicinity of the previous robbery at nearly the same time of day,” based on the traits of suspects in a June 27 crime, according to the release from the Utica Police Department.

The two teenagers were the subject of an attempted citizen stop by the authorities. However, the teen escaped and produced what appeared to be a handgun when the police attempted to frisk him, according to the preliminary information.

The press release mentioned, “In one of the incidents that occurred on June 27th, the suspects were described as one Asian male and one dark skinned male, with one being on foot and the other on a bicycle. Based on the listed identifying factors from the robbery, officers approached Nyah Mway and the other juvenile as they matched the robbery suspects’ descriptions and were in the immediate vicinity of the previous robbery at nearly the same time of day.”

It added, “When the officers asked and went to pat frisk Nyah Mway, he immediately fled on foot. While fleeing he produced a replica GLOCK pellet gun from the front of his body, and during the 51 and 53 second mark on Officer Patterson’s BWC, points the weapon directly at Officer Patterson and the other officers.”


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According to the authorities, Officer Husnay then shot the teen with his duty firearm. The 13-year-old was transported to a hospital, however, he died as a result of his injuries. The Utica Police Department released bodycam footage of the incident as well as pictures of the pellet gun.

According to ABC News, all three cops have been sent on administrative leaves. Further, a vigil was organised after his death. Several people including his family members attended the event.

The 13-year-old’s sister, Thoung Oo, created a GoFundMe page to “raise funds for his funeral, legal expenses to seek justice, and family expenses including counselling.” She said that her brother “was returning home from an 8th grade graduation barbecue” at the time of the shooting. He was an outgoing kid who loved to go biking and play with his friends and family.

Ms Oo said, “He has never gotten in trouble with law enforcement before, he was a good kid. The UPD video cam, the witness testimonies, and stories they told my family don’t add up, especially when they told my parents (who don’t speak English at all) that there was a shoot out. We need answers.”

Nyah had just graduated from eighth grade two days before the tragedy, according to his sister. She continued, “Because of this tragedy, I will never get to see him grow up. Nyah leaves behind our mother, father, and 3 siblings. Our family moved to America nine years ago as refugees from Myanmar to find a better life safe from law enforcement killings and ethnic cleansing. Our parents and grandparents did not flee war & corrupt military to be persecuted by American police.”

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