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Audio and visuals created using AI aren’t new

The US has banned AI-generated robocalls amid a rise in the voice cloning incidents that have scammed thousands of citizens in the country.

Misleading audio and visuals created using artificial intelligence aren’t new, but recent advancements in AI technology have made them easier to create and harder to detect.

“Bad actors are using AI-generated voices in unsolicited robocalls to extort vulnerable family members, imitate celebrities, and misinform voters. We’re putting the fraudsters behind these robocalls on notice,” the Federal Communications Commission said.

“Voice cloning,” the FCC said, “can convince a called party that a trusted person, or someone they care about such as a family member, wants or needs them to take some action that they would not otherwise take,” the statement added.

The move comes after a fake robocall imitating President Joe Biden sought to dissuade people from voting for him in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary election.

A cease-and-desist letter has been sent to the company, and a criminal investigation is under way, officials said.

“The use of generative AI has brought a fresh threat to voter suppression schemes and the campaign season with the heightened believability of fake robocalls,” FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks said.

The ruling, which goes into effect immediately, allows the regulator to fine companies that use AI-generated voices in their calls or restrict the service providers that carry them.

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