Up to €150 discount on the best mid-range of the year at MediaMarkt – Gearrice

Up to €150 discount on the best mid-range of the year at MediaMarkt – Gearrice

Among all the offers that we can find these days, which are quite a few, there are some mobile phones that we can highlight above others. Specifically, among all the mobile phones that we can find, there are three that are perhaps well above what is expected in the quality/price range.

Samsung Galaxy A54, €150 discount for the best

Without a doubt, if there is a single winner of this 2023 in the mid-range, that is the Galaxy A54, which without a doubt has debuted with absolutely spectacular performance. Among its highlights, we can find its incredible 5,000 mAh battery or its exceptional performance that is more than interesting thanks to its processor and at 8 GB of RAM.

Although the thing does not simply stop there. The camera is also absolutely sensational not only because of the quality of the photos, but because they are also results that are enhanced by AI, that is, the photos will be intelligently improved. Among these improvements is, for example, the Nightography mode, which makes photos taken at night look spectacular. And the best of all is that now you can get it with €150 discount at MediaMarkt

OPPO A98 5G, everything to succeed

Another of the great mobile phones that we can find with a good discount is the OPPO A98 mobile, so it is another idea especially if you especially like this brand. In the case of this OPPO, above all, what we find is a strong and clear commitment to battery and durability. Specifically, we find a 5,000 mAh cell that also has with 67W fast charging which will leave your phone fully charged in a few hours.

In this case, we can get this OPPO mobile at MediaMarkt for only €298, quite a bargain taking into account the good mobile we have in our hands. Not only does it have a pretty face, it also has a powerful interior, so why not try it for yourself?

Redmi Note 12 Pro, power at the best price

The Redmi Note 12 range has been going strong. So much so that it seems that it has been somewhat stripped of its entry-level character and in some models, such as this pro, it is much more similar to the mid-range.

redmi note 12 5g xiaomi offer

The first thing that will surprise us about this phone is its screen, which beyond the enormous quality with which we can see it, the experience of browsing it, with those 120 Hz refresh rate, is sensational. Now It can be ours for €249a considerable discount on a mobile that is new.

We are not only talking about a good screen, but we are also talking about an incredible processor with a power that we have never been able to see before with respect to mobile phones in this range. 108 MP main camera It will also take very good quality photos, with a large number of photographic modes that we can count on. It is undoubtedly a very good decision!

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