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A Canadian couple spotted two glowing UFOs above the Winipeg river, while driving through Fort Alexander on May 14. Justin Stevenson, and his wife Danielle Daniels-Stevenson spotted mysterious orbs with glowing yellow lights.

The objects, described “as bright as the sun,” were flying southwards above the river’s north shore before they disappeared behind a cloud.

“ Like being in a sci-fi movie,” with the objects appearing as “super bright like a fire in the sky,” Stevenson described his experience, who is a self-proclaimed fanatic of extraterrestrial life.

A report by the New York Post mentions that the encounter has led Stevenson to believe there is life beyond earth. “I was sceptical before I saw this but now this has given me the proof I need that there’s something out there other than humans,” said Stevenson, reported the NY Post.


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Reaching over 81,000 views, the video has sparked widespread interest. Many calling it a “strange anomaly” and a “clear shot of UFOs.”

“Oh my word, what is that?? Pretty scary it’s so close to home, yikes!” a user commented under the video.

While one user claimed it could be a “drone or a UFO,” someone else offered a more logical and analytical explanation, mentioning that a “swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and refracted the light from Venus.”

Another user was disappointed and expected more footage. “Why did you stop recording,” the person commented.

Increase in UFO sightings in Canada

Canada has witnessed a surge in “UFO sightings”, with at least 17 reports filed in 2023.

In February 2023, a user on X had mentioned about Uruguayan Airforce being on red alert in South America, after spotting “spotting bright aerial vehicles in formation.”

Pilots and crews from airlines such as WestJet, Air France and British Airways, have further mentioned unexplained sightings. In February 2023, two airlines came forward with a strange account on the sky over Quebec, with one crew member describing the phenomenon as “a bit weird”. The sightings are documented in an online aviation incident database maintained by Transport Canada, reported the NDTV.

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