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The objects, described as ‘bright as the sun,’ were captured on camera by the couple. (Images: screenshots from video shared by @danielle.juliette.564/Facebook)

A couple in Canada stumbled upon a sight that has left many questioning the existence of extraterrestrial life. On the night of May 14, Justin Stevenson and his wife, Danielle Daniels-Stevenson, were driving through Fort Alexander when they spotted four glowing orbs above the Winnipeg River. The objects, described as “bright as the sun,” were captured on camera by them.

“Yo, I think we’re seeing some aliens,” Stevenson, 49, is heard saying in the clip.

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The video, which shows two luminous objects flying south above the river’s north shore, soon reveals two more orbs appearing from behind a cloud. Stevenson, a self-proclaimed skeptic of alien life, is now convinced these objects were not of this world.


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“It felt like we were in a sci-fi movie,” Stevenson recounted to Kennedy News and Media. “They were super bright like a fire in the sky.” He added, “I was skeptical before I saw this, but now this has given me the proof I need that there’s something out there other than humans.”

Daniels-Stevenson shared a clip of their encounter on Facebook, where it quickly gained traction, amassing lakhs of views by Friday. Commenters were quick to label the sighting as a “strange anomaly” and “a clear shot of UFOs.”

Despite the widespread fascination, some skeptics have suggested more mundane explanations, such as helicopters, drones, or flares obscured by clouds. However, Stevenson remains undeterred. “The naysayers can have their opinion but I disagree,” he asserted.

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