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Kettle It’s been a busy time for space, with Boeing’s test pilots stuck (at time of writing) on the International Space Station due to a faulty capsule, and then being forced to take shelter from debris.

The trash came from RESURS-P1, a decommissioned Russian satellite launched in 2013, which broke up into more than 100 observable pieces. Not that the orbiting lab has long left, as NASA just awarded a contract to SpaceX to deorbit the thing in 2030.

And China brought back samples from the far side of the Moon.

Our vultures got together at the end of last week – before video emerged of that static test of a Tianlong-3 rocket in Gongyi going rather wrong – to discuss it all, and you can replay their discussion below.


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On this week’s Kettle episode, we have The Register‘s space expert Richard Speed in the UK, plus Tobias Mann, Brandon Vigliarolo, and your host Iain Thomson inn the USA. Nicole Hemsoth Prickett produced this 17-minute outing.

For those who prefer just audio, the Kettle is available via RSS and MP3, Apple, Amazon, and Spotify. ®

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