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Baba Vanga, the Bulgarian mystic famous for predicting events like the Chernobyl disaster, the death of Princess Diana and the 9/11 attacks, regularly becomes news when something she predicted comes true, even after her death nearly three decades ago. In 2024 as well, some of her predictions have already come true, according to the followers of the late mystic.

Earlier in January 2024, UK-based news organization Metro published a series of Baba Vanga predictions that could come true in 2024 – something the Metro has been doing every year, for several years now.

In the list, there was predictions about alien invasions, the end of Vladimir Putin and terrorist attacks on Europe, among others. Followers of the Vanga, who was often referred to as the ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans,’ found parallels between the mystic’s predictions and recent global events.

Here’s a look at some of the events from the first three months of 2024 that Baba Vanga’s followers believed had already been predicted by the mystic before her death on August 11, 1996.


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1. Cyber Attacks

Despite the internet being in its infancy when she died, Baba Vanga foresaw a rise in cyberattacks, especially targeting critical infrastructure. Recent reports have highlighted significant data breaches affecting millions of people.

2. Economic Crisis

She predicted a major economic crisis that would affect the worldwide economy in 2024, with USA , and several nations, currently struggling with persistent inflation.

3. Climate Change

She predicted severe weather events and natural disasters for 2024. A study in Science Advances noted an increase in global heat waves, both in frequency and duration, compared to 40 years ago, the NDTV reported.

4. The End Of Putin

Baba Vanga had predicted that one of Putin’s own countrymen will make an assassination attempt on him in 2024. Putin, who was reelected president in March 2024, has already faced five assassination attempts.

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