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Social media streamer Natalie Reynolds faces backlash for urging a non-swimmer to jump into a Texas lake during her live stream. Despite the woman’s inability to swim, Reynolds offered her $20. Subsequently, the woman struggled and called for help after jumping in.

Instead of offering assistance, Reynolds departed. Firefighters retrieved the woman. Her condition remains uncertain.

People are upset with Natalie Reynolds for her actions. They are insulting her and demanding her arrest. This isn’t the first time Reynolds has faced trouble because of her conduct.

Streamers dare a homeless woman to jump into a lake and then run away when she starts yelling for help
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‘These individuals are solely interested in capturing content. To them, that woman isn’t a human being; she’s just a prop. However, when this ‘prop’ begins to plead for help, it’s as if they suddenly recognize they have endangered a real person’s life. Perhaps I’m being dramatic, but I truly worry about the future generations’ regard for human life. And it’s not just young people at fault— I believe the internet has significantly diminished many people’s empathy,’ remarked a user.


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‘This person is just a spoiled brat who acts dramatically to draw attention to herself. Saying ‘I’m going to kill myself’ is unlikely since she loves herself too much. It’s astonishing how some people have so little consideration for others and are mostly just uneducated brats,’ commented another user.

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