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Who doesn’t want a Star Wars cabinet game? We could spend all day playing, and our housemates could just stand behind us saying “Stay on target! Stay on target!” But as time goes on, working versions of these cabinets are harder and harder to find. So make James Milroy just made one, with a little help from a Raspberry Pi. Here’s more from the Raspberry Pi Blog:

“My project was to build a replica, or as close as I could reasonably manage, of the Atari Star Wars arcade cabinet,” James Milroy tells [MagPi]. “I really wanted to build a cockpit as that’s what I played on in the eighties, but sadly I didn’t have the room to house it, so the compromise was to build a stand-up cabinet instead…. Initially, I had toyed with sourcing an original cabinet and restoring it, but soon gave up on that idea after finding it nigh on impossible to source a cabinet here in the UK,” James explains. “Almost all cabinets for sale were located in the USA, so they were out of the question due to the high cost of shipping. Atari only made just over 12,500 cabinets worldwide, so their rarity meant that they commanded top dollar, effectively putting them out of my price range. It was at this point that I decided that if it was going to happen, then I would have to make it myself.”

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