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NEW DELHI: Former Nasa astronaut Tony Virts, who once observed a total solar eclipse from the International Space Station (ISS), is urging people to witness the upcoming celestial event. Describing the eclipse as something “that wasn’t natural,” Virts emphasized the unparalleled experience of witnessing a total eclipse, Mashable reported.
“On a scale of one to ten, a partial eclipse is a seven,” said Virts, contrasting it with the magnificence of a total eclipse, which he rated as “a million.”
“If it is possible, make the effort and go see this thing,” urged the former astronaut, underlining the significance of experiencing such an event.
The upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8 promises not just a momentary plunge into darkness for those in the path of totality but also a rare opportunity to witness the sun’s grandeur, including potential enormous explosions. This celestial event, taking viewers through seconds to minutes of totality, is the only occasion when gazing directly at the sun without protective eyewear is safe.
When the moon moves in front of the sun and casts a shadow across the surface of the planet, this phenomenon is known as a solar eclipse. The sun, moon, and Earth must all be perfectly aligned for there to be a total eclipse. Because of the tilt between the moon’s orbit around Earth and that of Earth around the sun, this alignment is unusual. Thus, from Earth’s perspective, the moon typically travels above or below the sun.
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