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Smart glasses are still an idea of the future that hasn’t quite been perfected, but the arrival of generative AI has significantly upgraded what these devices are capable of. Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses have been viewed by many as one of the best options available today, and now they’re getting some competition in the Solos AirGo Vision, which also happen to integrate Google Gemini support.

While they’re not a huge name, Solos has been putting out reasonably priced smart glasses for a little while now. The company this week announced its latest generation, the Solos AirGo Vision, which look like a solid multimodal option for AI-powered smart glasses.

The AirGo Vision, like Meta’s Ray-Ban model, adds a camera to the product which, prior to this, only included speakers. The camera is mounted on the right side of the frame and can be used alongside voice prompts to use AI models – specifically OpenAI’s GPT-4o – to answer questions using what’s captured by the camera.

Solos explains in a press release:


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AirGo Vision with AI provides real-time information based on visual input, recognizing people and objects (“what am I looking at?”), or navigating and narrating directions or landmarks (“give me directions to the Eiffel Tower”). Leaning into hands-free operation and convenience, users can also capture photos without using their hands, especially convenient for visual progress and next steps on activities like cooking, home improvement projects, education and studies, and even shopping (“What am I looking at and how much does it cost?, Is there a better price somewhere else?”). The AI can also summarize those activities for enhanced organization and assistance.

Alongside GPT-4o, AirGo Vision can also utilize Anthropic’s Claude as well as Google Gemini. However, it’s unclear if either of those options can utilize the camera like GPT-4o can.

The camera can also be used to capture regular images.

Beyond AI, the glasses have speakers, as well as an LED light that can communicate notifications from your phone. Solos notes that this could be useful both in in quiet and loud environments, as well as being a helpful accessibility feature.

Another noteworthy aspect of the hardware is that Solos is designing these glasses with a swappable frame system. This allows users to ditch the camera in certain settings if they’d like, or more easily switch between clear lenses and sunglasses. Additional frames start at $89.

Solos will start selling AirGo Vision in July starting at $249, but that’s for the base model without a camera (just speakers and the LED), so the full cost will likely be considerably higher.

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