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Sometimes, the simplest designs are the most powerful –  and Sofia Vergara’s kitchen is a huge testament to this. The actress’s space is awash in white. From her white cabinets to her white marble countertops and backplash, the shade takes on a stylized, color-drenched look. While it’s beautiful on its own, one underrated feature takes the kitchen idea to the next level: under-cabinet lighting.

Kitchen design experts agree that kitchen lighting plays a huge role in the design of a space. Cyndy Cantley, kitchen and bath designer at Cantley & Company tells Homes & Gardens: ‘Lighting in kitchens is extremely important no matter what color your cabinets and countertops are. When designing a white kitchen with white cabinets, there are many aspects to consider: style, budget, time, and who is designing all make a difference in the final look.’

Furthermore, this kitchen cabinet lighting idea highlights the glossy beauty of Vergara’s marble counters and backsplash. ‘Under-cabinet lighting gives the bonus of focusing illumination directly onto your countertops,’ says Floss Kelly interior designer and co-founder of Yabby.

Cyndy Cantley

Cyndy Cantley is an award-winning kitchen and bath designer with over 30 years’ experience. She and her husband own Cantley & Company, a cabinet and design firm located in Birmingham, Alabama.


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This is great if you like to spend time in the kitchen on meal preparation and cooking, because the added lighting will add another layer of functionality, making your kitchen a well-lit workplace,’ Kelly continues. ‘Lighting that is situated under the cabinets also adds a certain type of aesthetic appeal and sophistication to the kitchen, which makes it look warm with the soft glow of the lights.’

Floss Kelly

Kelly used her extensive design and ceramics background and impressive history in global retail to co-found, Yabby, an Austrailia-based kitchen and bathroom hardware company.

Vergara’s lighting choice is especially effective in her white kitchen. Kelly tells H&G: ‘In a kitchen that has white as the primary color, under-cabinet lighting adds a subtle contrast that prevents the space from feeling too stark by adding warmth and depth. She continues, ‘The lighting will accentuate the clean lines and smooth surfaces of white cabinets as well as the luxury feel of a white marble backsplash, showcasing the unique characteristics of the kitchen.’

If you are installing this look, it’s important to know that not all lighting options are created equal; it’s important to choose the right brightness and type of lighting to achieve the desired look. Cantley recommends: ‘LED is the new standard for under cabinet lighting. I love the 3000K with its clean white light. Always have your electrician put in a separate switch with a dimmer. The lighting will be there when you need it for working, or dimmable, for having dinner or using them for a night light. LED are best when hardwired by a professional electrician.’

In a light-colored kitchen with lots of detail, under-cabinet lighting just might be the way to make it pop with added benefits of functionality. When we look to Sofía Vergara’s kitchen for inspiration, it’s easy to see why this works.

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