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Iraqi Christian refugee who desecrated several copies of the Quran in the Swedish capital, Stockholm was reported to have been found dead in Norway on Tuesday, April 2.

Several social media sources on X with the “#SalwanMomikaDead” reported the discovery of his lifeless body in Norway. However, official confirmation from the Norwegian authorities has not yet been announced.

Since June 28, 2023, 37-year-old Salwan Momika desecrated several copies of the Quran in front of embassies of Muslim-majority countries and mosques in Sweden under police protection.

Momika’s video of burning the Quran sparked international outrage, causing riots and instability in Muslim countries, prompting Sweden to investigate him for allegedly inciting ethnic groups.


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He recently relocated from Sweden to Norway, seeking asylum there.

“Today I left Sweden and am now in Norway under the protection of the Norwegian authorities,” Momika posted on X on March 27.

“I applied for asylum and international protection in Norway because Sweden does not accept asylum for philosophers and thinkers, but only accepts asylum for terrorists. My love and respect for the Swedish people will remain the same, but the persecution I was subjected to by the Swedish authorities does not represent the Swedes,” he added.

In another post on X, Momika wrote, “If you are waiting for me to raise the flag of surrender, then you are wrong. This will not happen even in your dreams, and I will continue the struggle as long as I live.”

Swedish radio station Ekot reported on February 7, that the Migration Court rejected the appeal filed by Momika last year and approved the migration agency’s decision to deport him from the country.

The court ruled that Momika provided false information about his residence permit application, leading to his deportation order, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

On October 26, 2023, the migration agency decided to deport Momika but the order could not be implemented due to concerns about torture and inhumane treatment in Iraq. However, he was granted a temporary residence permit.

He obtained a permanent residence permit in Sweden in 2021, which was withdrawn and he was granted temporary residency until April 2024.

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