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Rockstar Games has a lot of things planned for players in 2024, and a brand new GTA Online Heist Challenge is one of them. In its latest official newswire post, the developer shared details about the newly released Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC update. Aside from addressing the things Rockstar has added to the game, the studio announced a brand new “community Heist Challenge” to be released later in 2024.

While not much is known about it at the moment, there are a couple of things we can expect from it based on the previous GTA Online Heist Challenge released by Rockstar Games.

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Rockstar Games’ new GTA Online Heist Challenge 2024: Everything you can expect from it

The GTA Online Heist Challenge of 2024 will most likely involve a challenge where players, as a community, will have to earn a certain amount of money from heists in a certain period.

This concept was first introduced in 2020, and players had to earn $100,000,000,000 collectively from any of the available Heist Finales within six days. Gamers did complete the challenge and got a free vehicle, the Veto Classic, as well as The Panther Varsity jacket.

2022, Rockstar Games released a sequel to the challenge, dubbed The Heist Challenge 2022. This time, the studio increased the amount players had to earn in six days from 100 billion to 2 trillion. Once the task was accomplished, gamers were rewarded with a free new vehicle, the Déclassé Tahoma Coupe, again as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update.

If the developers follow the same pattern in 2024, players can expect a similar or more difficult goal in terms of money to be obtained. The reward will possibly be another free vehicle, which could be an already-released item or a soon-to-be-released ride. It bonus is likely to be added as part of the Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC update.

Players can expect to know more about the challenge later in 2024. Alongside it, they can expect a new adversary mode, new side missions, and more fun Halloween-themed activities.

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