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A wealthy girl from China has sparked nationwide public outrage.

On April 7, footage of her visiting the Old Summer Palace in Beijing was shared. The teenager in question removed her shoes and socks on the boat and perched at the edge, dipping her feet into the historical lake.

Upon seeing this, the tour guide asked her to stop what she was doing, emphasizing how disrespectful her actions were.

It is dangerous and disrespectful to history.



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Instead of complying, the girl retorted that she would not face any repercussions given her age and wealthy background. She replied that the employee will be in trouble instead of her.

I am a minor. I am only 16. I am rich second generation and I just like doing this…it is you, not me, who will receive punishment. It’s not my concern.

— Tourist


The teenager grew emotional when the employee did not back down, a fellow tourist recounted.

[She] threatened to jump into the water if we did not allow her to continue dangling her feet. She acknowledged she is not civilised and even encouraged us to report her behaviour to the police

— Tourist

She finally removed her feet from the water and returned to her seat several minutes later. Officials explained that they could not punish her given that they are not a law enforcement authority.

Also known as Yuanmingyuan Park, the Old Summer Palace is one of the country’s most revered historical sites. It consists of grand gardens that were destroyed in a fire caused by British and French troops in 1860.

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