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Putin’s Unofficial Home in Ongudai of Altai Republic Caught Fire.

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A significant fire reportedly broke out at an unofficial residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Ongudai district of the Altai Republic. According to the investigative publication Vazhnye Istorii (Important Stories), the fire has badly damaged the property, nearly destroying one of the buildings. Investigators from the Sirena newspaper examined photographs of the fire that activists Amyr Aytashev and Aruna Arna had uploaded.

The activists’ photographs, upon scrutiny, showed elements that matched previous images of the residence, including the facade color, building layout, surrounding greenery, terrain, and roof. The Odessa Journal reported that journalists used specialized programs to analyze these images and found no signs of manipulation, asserting that the photos were indeed taken on the day of the incident. Despite these reports, the duty unit of the Emergency Situations Ministry refrained from commenting on the fires in the Ongudai district.

During its development period between 2009 and 2010, this residence—officially registered as a Gazprom sanatorium—attracted public attention, the Odessa noted. The project’s estimated cost was 3 billion rubles. The strict security measures around the sanatorium were made public in 2011 following an investigation by “Avtorevyu” journalists working with Novaya Gazeta. These procedures were justified by the sanatorium’s special status for the nation’s highest authorities. Situated where the Ursul and Katun rivers converge, the region receives little snowfall in the winter and warm temperatures starting in March.

Putin has visited this sanitarium in the Altai Mountains on several occasions without authorization, the Odessa Journal has reported. The house is next to a specialty farm that raises marals, big noble deer, whose antlers are taken for their blood. Reports in the media in 2016 before a State Council meeting in Altai stated that 70 kilograms of pantos were ready for Putin. Despite the lack of scientific proof for the medicinal benefits of antler blood, these pantos are utilized in blood baths.


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According to individuals close to Putin, the Project newspaper said in a 2022 investigation that Putin was first brought to the blood baths in Altai by former Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu. Additionally, it was believed that Gazprom’s head, Alexey Miller, is involved in these processes.

Furthermore, the Odessa Journal says this Altai house is thought to be one of Putin’s bunkers. Suspicions over the significance of the location were heightened when locals claimed to have seen Putin’s chopper flying close to the house during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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