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Speculation swirls as pro-Trump podcast host claims NFL rigged Chiefs’ championship game for Swift’s Biden endorsement.

Taylor Swift, the pop sensation, is caught in a web of conspiracy theories linking her to the Super Bowl and the 2024 election. Let’s break down the bizarre claims that have the internet buzzing.

FILE – Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift walk together after an AFC Championship NFL football game between the Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens, Jan. 28, 2024, in Baltimore. For weeks, scrutiny over Swift’s travel has been bubbling up on social media, with people pointing out the planet-warming emissions of carbon dioxide released with every flight.(AP)

The NFL rigging rant

During the Chiefs’ championship game, pro-Trump podcast host Mike Crispi went on a tirade, claiming the NFL had rigged the game for the Chiefs, all part of a plot to spread “DEMOCRAT PROPAGANDA.” The twist? Swift was supposed to endorse Joe Biden at halftime. Speculation soared when the Chiefs won.

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The presidential plot twist

Former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy joined the fray, wondering about a Super Bowl win and a potential major presidential endorsement from a certain “culturally propped-up couple.” The spotlight is on Swift and her romance with Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce.

Pentagon psyop or political puppet?

Fox News host Jesse Watters fueled the fire, speculating that Swift might be a Pentagon “psyop,” a tool for psychological operations. The trigger? Swift’s endorsement of Biden in 2020 and her push for voter registration. The Pentagon dismissed the claim.

The right-wing backlash

The collision of the Super Bowl and the presidential race elevated the right-wing backlash. Influential figures like Jack Posobiec and Charlie Kirk weighed in, with conservative outlets dedicating segments to Swift. The New York Times report on Biden hoping for Swift’s endorsement added more fuel to the fire.

Monetising attention: The online strategy

In the online Trump-supporting world, capturing and monetizing attention is the game. Joan Donovan, an expert in online discourse, explains that attacking a pop icon like Swift and a cultural institution like the NFL is a strategy to engage and capture interest.

Taylor Swift’s political evolution

Swift’s political evolution, from avoiding politics to endorsing Democrats and supporting social causes, stirred controversy. Her independence and outspoken stance on LGBTQ rights and Black Lives Matter clash with conservative ideals, making her a target.

Kelce’s commercials and conservative criticism

Travis Kelce, Swift’s beau and Chiefs’ tight end, faced criticism for commercials supporting Pfizer vaccines and Bud Light. His association with Swift intensified the conservative backlash.

Gendered abuse and online harassment

Swift’s spotlight also attracts abuse, especially the kind disproportionately targeted at women online. Recently, explicit deepfake images of Swift circulated, shedding light on the broader issue of nonconsensual deepfake pornography.

The fallout: Swift’s impact beyond the headlines

As the Swift Super Bowl saga unfolds, the attention drawn to her exposes the darker side of online abuse and conspiracy theories. The hope is that this spotlight will not only highlight the challenges faced by global superstars but also shed light on the broader issue of abuse faced by those without such resources.

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