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The film crew has since apologised to the family. (Representative pic)

A hospital in China is facing criticism after a film crew reportedly asked a grieving family to lower the volume of their crying to “not disrupt the filming”. According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the incident took place at Hopeshine Minsheng Hospital in central China on May 31. The family’s mother, who was in the intensive care unit (ICU) for treatment, died later that evening. The shoot, on the other hand, was taking place approximately 15 metres away from the ICU, near the doors to an operating room that was not in use at the time. 

One member of the grieving family posted a video clip of the incident on a Chinese social media website. According to SCMP, the clip showed the film crew setting up a large piece of lighting equipment and aiming it towards a hospital bed. Speaking to the media, the family member recalled that his sister was crying nearby when the film crew told her to “cry more softly”. “We are not even allowed to cry? How have I disturbed you?” the family member said. 

After the filming concluded, a man claiming to be the “hospital manager” reportedly warned the family that the film crew might sue the hospital for disrupting their shoot. And when the video went viral online the “manager” persistently contacted the family, urging them to delete it. 

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However, the family later discovered that the “hospital manager” was actually an actor from the film crew. This was verified through promotional photos released by the film company. According to SCMP, the filming was for a television series about urban romance and is reportedly set to air on a provincial television channel. 

The film crew has since apologised to the family. They stated that “misunderstandings were resolved” during a meeting with the hospital and film crew. A family member explained that the crew was not aware that he was a family member of an ICU patient. 

Meanwhile, on social media, the incident has sparked outrage. “Aren’t there dedicated sets available for rent? Why film in a hospital?” asked one user. “I’ve noted down the name of the TV series. We must boycott it,” commented another. 

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