Orca Attacks Great White Shark Like a Lighting-Fast Torpedo – The Inertia

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The Inertia

The orca is not an animal to mess with. Sure, they’ve never killed a human in the wild — they’ve only killed people when they’ve been cooped up for years — but if you’re under them on the food chain… watch out. Hell, even if you’re on the same level as them you should probably watch out. Take, for example, the great white shark in the video above.

Now, it can be hard to feel sorry for the great white sometimes. We’ve been conditioned to be scared of them through movies like Jaws, and they sure can do some damage when they decide to take a bite. But we’re really not on the menu for great whites and it’s been proven that most of the time when a human gets bitten, it’s a test bite. Unfortunately, both for the bitee and the biter, those test bites can be deadly.

Orcas are nuts, though. They hunt in packs, organizing themselves to be as efficient as possible. They actually kill great whites and suck out only the livers. And they’ve been sinking boats in the Strait of Gibraltar.

In the video above, an orca grandmother (don’t mess with nana) decides to let a great white shark know exactly who was in charge… and it wasn’t the shark. “Orca grandmother Sophia uses her strength and intelligence to take down a great white shark and feed her family,” National Geographic wrote.


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