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One month after offering over 150 AI language models in preview, Opera says it will soon make over 2,000 of them available in stable across Windows, Mac, and Linux. In doing so, it claims to be the first major web browser with built-in on-device AI through local small language models (SLMs).

“Local AI developments in both hardware and software are currently a big focus in our industry,” Opera executive vice president Krystian Kolondra explains. “Opera is now announcing plans to move our on-device browser AI function from the Opera Developer test bed to our flagship Opera One browser.”

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As you may know, Opera is rapidly introducing pervasive AI functionality to its web browser via AI Feature Drops in its Developer channel. Today’s announcement marks the first time a major new feature introduced in a Feature Drop will appear in stable, for both Opera One and the Opera GX gaming browser.

It also represents a significant expansion of the original feature, with its support in stable for over 2,000 language models from over 60 families of models.

This is obviously very interesting, but I’m not seeing the change in Opera as I write this, and the announcement is a bit light on the details. So I’ll keep trying and see what’s happening here.

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