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South Korea has raised allegations against North Korea for dispatching balloons filled with fecal matter and trash across the border.

Recent findings have indicated the discovery of approximately 260 balloons, believed to have been launched from North Korea, targeting the South. Military sources reported on May 29th that these balloons were located primarily in Seoul and areas close to the front line.

The South Korean military, working alongside the police, has been actively collecting these fallen balloons. The presence of anti-South propaganda leaflets is still being verified by the military.


The Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a public warning to avoid contact with these unidentified aerial objects and to report any sightings to the nearest military or police authority for safety reasons.


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This incident follows a stark warning from North Korea on the 26th, vowing to retaliate against South Korean civic groups that had been sending anti-regime leaflets into North Korean territory. The North Korean statement threatened that “numerous tissue papers and trash will soon be scattered over the South Korean border and deep inside the territory,” as a form of counter-propaganda.

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In the past, South Korean activists have launched balloons towards North Korea. These balloons often contained USB sticks loaded with K-pop music, Korean dramas, and leaflets criticizing the North Korean regime, which has consistently provoked sharp reactions from Pyongyang.

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