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ICMR has released its new dietary guidelines that include 17 important points. The estimate presented by the national institution says that 56.4% of the total diseases in India are due to the habit of eating unhealthy diets regularly. The guidelines suggested by ICMR recommend meeting the requirements of essential nutrients so that non-communicable diseases like diabetes and obesity can be prevented.

The National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) which works under ICMR has said that physical activity and healthy diets can cut down the proportion of hypertension, and coronary heart disease considerably and even prevent type 2 diabetes by 80%. According to the guidelines, “A significant proportion of premature deaths can be averted by following a healthy lifestyle.”


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The report says that the rise in the consumption of ultra-processed foods that are loaded with fats and sugars along with reduced physical activity, and limited consumption of diverse foods leads to micronutrient deficiencies as well as overweight issues. NIN has said that to lead a healthy life one must restrict intake of salt, use both oil and fat in moderation, minimise sugar and consumption of highly processed foods, and do exercise regularly.

ICMR guidelines recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle

It also suggests that everyone should adopt a healthy lifestyle so that obesity can be prevented. Importantly with so many packaged foods now available at the grocery stores and even online, it is very important to read the information that is printed on the food labels and accordingly make healthy food choices.

According to the guidelines, the balanced diet should include 45% calories from cereals and millet, and a maximum of 15% calories from beans, meat, and pulses. Other calories should come from vegetables, milk, nuts, and fruits.

The guidelines have also said that air frying is better than eating fried food items and that protein supplements should be avoided as far as possible as prolonged use of such protein powders can lead to kidney damage or bone mineral loss.

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