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There are many activities that can be performed to help endangered species, including the following:

Promote Captive Breeding: This is one of the important techniques for increasing the numbers of species who are currently endangered, and on the verge of extinction. In this method, endangered species are held in captivity, where they are provided with ideal conditions to breed.

Webinars and Workshops: Organize or participate in workshops related to endangered species. You will not only learn more about the endangered species, but also understand the measures to protect them from extinction.

Online Campaigns: Start online campaigns regarding the endangered species. Post pictures of your favorite endangered animals, plants, or any other species. This will motivate people to participate in the cause and take necessary actions.


Sponsor A War Children Today:

Participate in an Endangered Species Day Event: You can consider participating in the endangered species day events to increase your knowledge about the species at risk. You can later share the same knowledge with your family and friends.

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