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A STORAGE expert has shared a tip that cleared up clutter and transformed her cabinet.

Although it was unconventional, the hack cost nothing to implement and gave her joy.


A cleaning fan shared a hack that cleared up clutter in her cabinetsCredit: TikTok/ lubbyy216

Lubna (@lubbyy216) shared the cleaning advice in a TikTok video.


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In her kitchen, she demonstrated the strategy for curious viewers.

She placed a plastic bag flat against a table, smoothing it out.

Next, she folded the bag down the middle half, then again in quarters.

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Taking an edge of the plastic strip, she folded the corner to form a triangle and kept folding until the bag was wrapped into a thick triangle.

She took the plastic triangle, placing it neatly into a storage bin in her cabinet.

“Tell me you’re weirdly crazy without telling me you’re weirdly crazy,” she said.

“I’ll go first. I don’t know why, it just makes me happy.”

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Many of her viewers thought her hack deserved more hype than it received.

“Hey this isn’t crazy, it’s genius!” said one commenter.

“I like this better than shoving it into another bag,” agreed another.

“Be right back, I’m gonna go do this to my bags now.”

Some who’ve tried the hack out for themselves thought it was a great space-saver.

“I do this too! Mostly tie it in a knot but it’s better for storing,” said one.

She folded her extra plastic bags into triangles


She folded her extra plastic bags into trianglesCredit: TikTok/ lubbyy216

“I do this, my husband’s grandmother taught me and there was no going back,” said another.

One viewer pointed out that the free trick also helped her save a bit of money.

“That’s eight cents in Washington, plus the small fortune you have in the bin,” they said.

After watching her video, many were convinced to try the organization hack for themselves.

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“I’m so doing this!!!! I have so many Walmart sacks in my pantry just taking up too much space,” said one viewer.

“Thank you for giving me something to add to my weirdly crazy list,” joked another.

She stored the bags neatly in a bin


She stored the bags neatly in a binCredit: TikTok/ lubbyy216

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