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Microsoft has been pushing AI across its apps and services. Now, to further grow its reach, Microsoft 365 Copilot is now adding support for an array of Indian regional languages.These new regional languages will allow the Copilot AI model to understand different users’ queries accurately and generate quick responses, Microsoft has added support for new Indian regional languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu to the Microsoft 365 Copilot chatbot.

These regional languages include Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu. However, Microsoft hasn’t announced all other languages supported in the 365 Copilot AI chatbot. Previously, Microsoft had added 27 different languages for prompt queries, with support for Indian English.

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With Indian regional language support, we expect Copilot to close the gap between English and non-English speakers by offering AI-driven tools. This also opens up new opportunities for small businesses, students, and professionals who prefer their native languages and would get real-time translation and multiple responses in their favoured language.


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Further, Pavan Kumar Verma, regional business head, Microsoft added, “By integrating regional languages, we’re making technology more inclusive and accessible. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of language, can benefit from AI advancements.” Embee Software is a leading Microsoft LSP partner in India.

Separately, Microsoft is extending the Copilot chatbot to various apps and operating systems. On Tuesday, it released a beta version of Copilot for the Telegram messaging app. The chatbot is free to use on the Telegram app, but there is a daily limit of 30 conversations currently. Copilot is also available in the Microsoft Launcher app for Android.

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