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Melania Trump has reportedly made a deal with her husband, Donald Trump, that if he becomes the US President again, she will not be a full-time first lady, according to a Page Six report.

Citing insiders, the report states that Melania, who has kept a low profile during her husband’s presidential campaign, wants to steer clear of performing traditional first lady duties 24×7 if Trump is re-elected. Instead, she will be prioritising their son, Barron, who may attend New York University later this year.


The insider further said that Melania wants to be close to Barron as he begins college life. She reportedly feels safe in New York City and wants to be there for Barron to provide both emotional and physical support.

“She’s a hands-on mother, and is already planning to spend part of every month — and potentially every week — in NYC,” the source said.


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This concern for Barron’s well-being is not new; in 2017, Melania delayed moving into the White House with her son for five months so he could finish the school year uninterrupted in New York City.

Sources told the Daily Mail that if Donald Trump wins the presidency again, Melania may not make the White House her home base, instead choosing to split her time between Palm Beach and New York City, attending ceremonial events at the White House only as needed. This would break a 250-year-old tradition for White House wives.

Known to be a protective mother, Melania has tried to shield her son Barron from the public glare ever since Trump first took office. Insiders said she was not happy when the Florida Republican Party offered Barron a delegate position for the Republican National Convention. Melania’s office had later announced that he would decline “due to prior commitments”.

Melania has also shown her reluctance to fully engage in political activities, having been absent from the campaign trail this year and her husband’s ongoing court hearings.

When asked about her future involvement, she had simply replied, “Stay tuned.”

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Jul 1, 2024

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