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ByBhavika Rathore

Meet the 12-year-old prodigy who will join New York University next year and aims to begin the doctoral program.

In an academic miracle, Soborno Isaac Bari is all set to join New York University next year to further study maths and physics. The 12-year-old prodigy graduated from high school recently in a record period of two years. Soborno will join the NYU in fall of next year and his ambitions are set to begin the doctoral program. The parents of the young genius are beyond happy and proud of him and share early signs of his remarkable intelligence.

Suborno Isaac Bari is all set to join New York University next year at the age of 12.(@sobornobari/Instagram)

One cannot help but compare the boy to the character of Sheldon Cooper from the series Young Sheldon. The spin-off Big Bang Theory follows the journey of Young Sheldon Cooper who was promoted four grades in the series.

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Meet the real-life Young Sheldon

Soborno is the son of Bangladeshi immigrants, Rashidul Bari and Shaheda Bari, who first recognised his academic brilliance. He studied at the Malverne High School recently graduated high school in 2 years and is the youngest graduate of the Long Island school, as reported by CNN.

He graduated with a 98 GPA on a 100-point scale when he graduated high school. He learned the periodic table at the age of 2 and was able to solve questions of maths, physics and chemistry. Soborno has also received a letter of appreciation from former US President Barack Obama in 2020.

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The prodigy is also the world’s youngest professor who taught lectures in various colleges and universities since the age of 7. He also skipped the 12th grade after completing his studies in the ninth grade due to his advanced knowledge and understanding of the subjects.

Apart from school studies, he enrolled on non-degree classes at several universities including NYU, Stony Brook University, the City University of New York and Brooklyn College. He is also skilled in painting, debating and playing the piano.

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Coming events cast their shadows long before

Soborno’s parents shared incidents from the young genius’s childhood which led them to believe he has a bright future. His mother, Rashidul Bari, who is a physics teacher, recalled an incident from the prodigy’s childhood, “My wife was actually his teacher at the time. One day … she was teaching him one plus one, and he would be responding, ‘Mom, one plus one is two,’” Rashidul Bari said. “And then Mom would go, ‘Then what is one plus two?’ And then he’d say ‘three,’ and then he’d be questioning Mom, ‘if one plus one is two, can you please tell me, what is n plus n?’”

As reported by CNN, he first thought the abstracting concepts were probably normal to solve by children. However, Rashidul’s professor at the time said, “No way, a 2-year-old cannot do that abstraction. You should pay serious attention”.

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