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Joe Biden criticizes Supreme Court ruling on Donald Trump immunity, warns it “undermines the rule of law.”

Joe Biden has called a recent Supreme Court ruling granting former US President Donald Trump partial immunity from criminal prosecution a “dangerous precedent” that “undermines the rule of law.”

Donald Trump lauds SC ruling on immunity as a “big win”, Joe Biden warns of “dangerous precedent” (AP)

The 46th US president voiced his concern over the decision, saying that it erodes the ‘‘rule of law’’ and does a ‘‘terrible disservice’’ to Americans.

The Supreme Court’s decision, announced on Monday, has been lauded by Trump on Truth Social as a “big win” for democracy.

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Trump is ‘now a king above the law’

The SC ruled that a president has immunity for “official acts” but not for “unofficial acts,” and the matter was referred back to a trial judge for further consideration.

The court said that Trump’s tweets and remarks on January 6, 2021, which allegedly incited the Capitol riot, were official acts.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor remarked, “The President is now a king above the law.”

A White House spokesman watered President Biden’s sentiment, saying that “nobody is above the law.”

This decision is likely to slow down the criminal prosecution of Trump, who is said to have tried to insist on the overturn of the 2020 election, which Biden won.

Trump seeks to toss his NY felony conviction

Following the Supreme Court ruling, the former president is now seeking to toss his New York hush-money felony conviction. His lawyers are taking preliminary steps according to a Bloomberg report.

The court’s verdict of six in favour and three against is the factional decision; however, it does not eliminate the charges against Trump but will postpone the trial substantially, which could be held after the November elections.

On Monday, Biden told in a televised statement, “This nation was founded on the principle that there are no kings in America. Each of us is equal before the law. No one, no one is above the law. Not even the president of the United States.”

Biden wants answer on behalf of ‘American people’

Biden warned that the Supreme Court’s decision “almost certainly means that there are virtually no limits on what a president may do.” Referring to Trump’s alleged role in inciting the January 6 Capitol riot, Biden added, “The man who sent that mob to the US Capitol is facing potential criminal conviction for what happened that day. The American people deserve to have an answer in the courts before the upcoming election. Now, because of today’s [court] decision, that is highly, highly unlikely.”

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Now, the trial judge will decide, as the Supreme Court ruled, which actions were taken in Trump’s official capacity as president.

A lower court judge also has to work out which bits of Trump’s behaviour are relevant to the criminal proceedings for the alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

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