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Hideaki Nishino and Hermen Hulst have been announced as the new joint CEOs of PlayStation, each overseeing distinct segments of the company. Hideaki Nishino will lead the Platform Business Group which includes major publishers and indie studios. This news has made fans excited as in Hideaki Nishino’s Q&A session in 2021, he shared how much he enjoyed the tough game, Bloodborne, during the pandemic.


He liked playing the game on his couch but also had fun sharing his screen with friends to talk about how hard the game is. These personal stories about his gaming show his important role in moving PlayStation’s technology forward and how he connects with gamers by sharing experiences. This previous talk has made fans really excited about what’s next for PlayStation.

Hideaki Nishino talks about playing games and PlayStation’s future

Sony’s latest console, PlayStation 5

Bloodborne was once considered the most challenging game created by Hidetaka Miyazaki due to its high difficulty level and game knowledge required for progression. Often regarded as an unofficial successor to Dark Souls, Bloodborne is praised for refining and enhancing the gameplay elements of its predecessor, Dark Souls 1.


During a Q&A session in 2021, the mention of Bloodborne by the now-new CEO sparked excitement among fans, reinforcing their connection with the community and raising hopes for the future of PlayStation. The enthusiasm is very high, as fans are now excited about upcoming updates. 


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After the announcement of Hideaki Nishino as the new CEO, he said,


“We will continue to connect players and creators through world-class products, services, and technology. We always strive to grow our community even bigger with innovation in every area at Sony Interactive Entertainment.”

Hideaki Nishino mentioned that PlayStation has a comprehensive list of features and improvements they are very eager to implement. The selection process for new features will not be solely based on internal preferences but will also be heavily influenced by community feedback. This collaborative approach will prove invaluable and the team is committed to improving the experience. 

Hideaki Nishino and Hermen Hulst’s roles in PlayStation

PlayStation's Second CEO
Hideaki Nishino will lead the Platform Business Group (via PlayStation Blogs)

Hermen Hulst now serves as the CEO of the Studio Business Group, an assembly comprising all of PlayStation’s first-party teams. Initially known as PlayStation Studio, this group has expanded its scope beyond game development to include the adaptation of PlayStation intellectual properties (IP) into additional formats, such as television and film.

Hideaki Nishino (as the second CEO) has been appointed to spearhead the Platform Business Group, a division responsible for overseeing console hardware, technology, accessories, the PlayStation Network, and third-party relations. This role encompasses collaboration with both major publishers and independent studios, ensuring a diverse and robust partnership ecosystem within the PlayStation brand.

New CEO of PlayStation
Hermen Hulst will lead the Studio Business Group (via PlayStation Studios Wiki)

Both CEOs will commence their respective roles from June 1st. Following Jim Ryan’s departure in March, Chairman Hiroki Totoki has been serving as the interim CEO and is also the Sony Interactive Entertainment chairman as well as president, COO and CFO of Sony Group Corporation.

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