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Israeli Cabinet Seeks Unified Position on Prisoner Exchange Deal

The Israeli Cabinet is seeking to formulate a cohesive stance on the prisoner exchange deal as a train of international envoys, including US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, expected to arrive on Sunday, prepares to visit Israel. They will be followed by the French Foreign Minister and then the US Special Envoy Amos Hochstein.
All international efforts are aiming to make progress on multiple fronts, including:
Firstly, the issue of prisoners, which remains a point of contention among decision-makers in Israel, specifically regarding the ceasefire point and the equation of an Israeli captive in exchange for a ceasefire day, potentially extending ceasefire days to 136, with the possibility of adding a week to discuss the next phase of the deal.
In Israel, some describe this equation as Israel raising the white flag. However, expectations also suggest success in overcoming obstacles if Tel Aviv presents a unified position to the international envoys, especially considering reports suggesting pressure on Hamas leaders in Gaza due to the intensity of Israeli fighting.

Humanitarian aid, post-war reconstruction, and the protection of Palestinian civilians are topics Blinken will hear about from Israel’s plan, knowing that politicians and security officials warn that Israeli disagreement on these issues will jeopardize Blinken’s visit.

As for the French guest, he carries the file of humanitarian aid as well as the file of the northern borders, which will be a cornerstone of Hochstein’s talks in Tel Aviv.

However, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant didn’t wait for the arrival of the US guest and conducted a tour in Jabal al-Sheikh to keep this front in front of an Israeli and regional dilemma.

In contrast to the divided Israeli stance regarding the nature of completing the war in Gaza and the prisoner exchange, a unified voice emerged, encompassing politicians, opposition figures, and northern residents, calling for readiness to carry out a military operation to ensure border security and the return of residents if diplomatic efforts fail during Hochstein’s upcoming visit. Security officials warn of terrifying scenarios that residents of both sides of the border will pay the price for if the operation in the north proceeds.

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