Israeli attack kills father of Hind Rajab, symbol of Gaza’s suffering – Press TV

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The father of Hind Rajab, the 6-year old Palestinian girl whose murder awakened the world to the suffering of Gaza’s children in Israel’s genocidal war, has reportedly been killed by the regime’s military.

A new report, quoting Palestinian journalist Ashraf Mashharawi, said that Hind’s mother had received a text message saying that her husband had been killed in an Israeli attack.

Ashraf Mashharawi had reportedly spoken to Hind’s mother recently.

On January 29, Hind had been traveling in a car with her uncle, his wife and their four children, fleeing fighting in the neighborhood of Tel Al-Hawa in Gaza City, when they came under Israeli fire.


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Trapped in the bullet-ridden vehicle and surrounded by her dead relatives, the little girl phoned emergency services and, over a period of more than three hours begged for help, saying that an Israeli tank appeared to be closing in.

“Come take me. Will you come and take me? I’m so scared, please come!” she can be heard saying in a recording of the call to responders, released by the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

Two first responders, Yousef Zeino and Ahmed al-Madhoun, were deployed in a bid to save Hind, but the PRCS soon lost contact with them, along with the little girl.

On February 10, the bodies of Hind and her relatives were found lying in the car. Just meters away, a burned-out ambulance was found with the remains of the two paramedics who tried to save the girl. 

In a statement, the PRCS said, “The occupation deliberately targeted the Red Crescent crew despite obtaining prior coordination to allow the ambulance to reach the location to rescue the girl Hind.”

Hind’s mother, Wissam Hamada, called for Israel to be held accountable, saying the regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin “Netanyahu, [US President Joe] Biden, and all those who collaborated against us, against Gaza and its people, I pray against them from the depths of my heart.”

Israel unleashed its brutal onslaught on the Gaza Strip on October 7 after the Palestinian Hamas resistance group carried out its historic operation against the occupying entity in retaliation for the regime’s intensified atrocities against the Palestinian people.

So far, the Tel Aviv regime has killed more than 37,900 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and injured over 87,060 others in Gaza.

The Israeli aggression is having a catastrophic impact on the Gaza children, killing and causing mental harm to them. Many are losing their lives due to Israel’s imposed starvation on the besieged Palestinian territory.

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