Israel may not be able to ‘wipe out Hamas’, Jordan says: ‘This objective…’ – Hindustan Times

Israel may not be able to ‘wipe out Hamas’, Jordan says: ‘This objective…’ – Hindustan Times

Nov 18, 2023 05:54 PM IST

Israel-Hamas War: Ayman Safadi warned Jordan that would do “whatever it takes to stop” such displacement.

Jordan’s foreign minister said that Israel could reach its goal of destroying Hamas with heavy bombardment and invasion of the Gaza Strip. Voicing doubt, Ayman Safadi said at the annual IISS Manama Dialogue security summit in Bahrain, “Israel says it wants to wipe out Hamas. There’s a lot of military people here, I just don’t understand how this objective can be realised.”

Israel-Hamas War: A Palestinian man inspects the debris of a house following an Israeli strike in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.(AFP)

Ayman Safadi also warned Jordan that would do “whatever it takes to stop” such displacement.

“We will never allow that to happen, in addition to it being a war crime, it would be a direct threat to our national security. We’ll do whatever it takes to stop it,” he said. Jordan shares a border with the West Bank.

The Gaza war stirred fears of upheaval in Jordan with officials seeing a risk that Israel could expel Palestinians en masse from the West Bank.

“This war is not taking us anywhere but towards more conflict, more suffering and the threat of expanding into regional wars,” Ayman Safadi said.

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Israel has vowed to annihilate Hamas since its deadly October 7 rampage into Israel but this has raised questions over who would govern the densely populated enclave if Hamas is defeated. The group has ruled the enclave since 2007.

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said that only the Palestinian Authority (PA) could run Gaza after the Israel-Hamas war is over. The Western-backed entity exercises limited self-rule in the West Bank.

“Hamas cannot be in control of Gaza any longer. So who will be in control of Gaza? I think only one could do that – the Palestinian Authority,” he said.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said the PA could play a role in administering Gaza if there was a full political solution. Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have been frozen since 2014 while the PA is deeply unpopular among Palestinians.

Meanwhile, US president Joe Biden’s top adviser on the Middle East said that the release of hostages held by Hamas would lead to a surge in the delivery of humanitarian aid.

“The hostages are released, you will see a significant, significant change,” Brett McGurk told the Manama conference as per news agency Reuters.

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