Israel hits back at pro-Palestine `All Eyes on Rafah` image with `Where Were Your Eyes on October 7?` – WION

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After the pro-Palestine ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ AI-generated image went viral on social media, Israel has hit back by posting a similar image of its own. The counter-image features the text “Where were your eyes on October 7” and depicts a Hamas militant standing armed in front of an infant.

The infant in the image, as per Times of Israel, is presumed to be Kfir Bibas, a nine-month-old infant who, along with his brother and mother, was taken hostage by Hamas on October 7.

Where were your eyes?

Israel has shared the AI-generated counter image on social media platform X.

It comes after over 44 million accounts shared the “All Eyes on Rafah” image on Instagram alone. Furthermore, as per an AFP report citing online monitor Visibrain, the hashtag #alleyesonrafah on X attracted almost one million hits.


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Sharing the image on X, Israel wrote, “We will NEVER stop talking about October 7th.” 

“We will NEVER stop fighting for the hostages,” it added.

On October 7 of last year, Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, killing 1,189 people.

Furthermore, the militants took hostage 252 people, of which 121 remain in Gaza, seven months into the war sparked by the Hamas attack. Israel claims that of the 121 hostages, 37 are dead.

Instagram takes down ‘Where were your eyes’ image creator’s account

As per the Times of Israel, the image was created by an Israeli Instagram user named Benjamin Jamon. Within hours of his posting, the AI-generated image was taken down, and his Instagram account was banned from the platform.

While there was no initial explanation from Instagram about why the image was taken down, its parent company, Meta, said that it was “working to understand a technical issue that led to some instances of the image being mistakenly removed.”

“This image does not violate our policies,” said the statement, adding that it was “working to understand what technical problem led to its accidental removal”.

This comes as, on Wednesday (May 29) human rights groups as per the Guardian, coordinated an online protest calling on Meta to put an end to its alleged “systemic censorship of pro-Palestinian content” on its platforms and within the workforce.     

Meta finds deceptive AI-generated content

Also, on Wednesday, Meta revealed that it had found “likely AI-generated” content used deceptively on its Facebook and Instagram platforms. As per Reuters, this includes comments by accounts praising Israel’s handling of the war in Gaza, posted by accounts posing as Jewish students, African Americans and other concerned citizens. Meta has attributed the deceptive campaign to Tel Aviv-based political marketing firm STOIC.

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