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The General Staff of the Armed Forces wrote in its second report about aspects and reasons behind the recent helicopter crash that led to the martyrdom of President Ebrahim Raeisi and his accompanying delegation, that “The occurrence of an explosion as a result of an act of sabotage during the flight and moments before the helicopter crashed into the mountain is ruled out.”

The report further said that “Also, no signs of an act of electronic warfare was detected on the helicopter.”

Additionally, investigators carefully examined the vast majority of the documents related to the maintenance of the helicopter and found no issue that could have played a role in the accident, it added,

The report also revealed that the helicopter’s capacity in terms of the maximum standard load it could carry at the point of take-off and throughout the flight path and the return route was found to have been within the “permissible limit.”


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The recorded conversations between the flight crew show that the last contact with the pilots up to the time of the incident and when they stopped responding lasted 69 seconds, and no emergency declaration was recorded during that time, it added.

The military investigators also ruled out any disruption in the communication system or frequency interference with the helicopter. They revealed that during the flight and up to 69 seconds before the crash, contact with the aircraft had been maintained on the specified frequencies.

The report further said that there were no signs of any cyberattack carried out against the presidential helicopter.

The General Staff, which issued its preliminary report on the incident on May 24, said the investigation will continue until the main cause of the crash is determined and the results will be made public.


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