Influencer Pays Non-Swimmer $20 To Jump In Lake, Flees When She Cries For Help – NDTV

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The woman struggled in the water.

A social media streamer named Natalie Reynolds is in trouble for telling a stranger to jump into a lake in Texas, even though the woman said she couldn’t swim.

Reynolds was filming a live stream when she offered the woman $20 to jump in the lake. The woman jumped in, but then started to struggle and yell for help.

Instead of helping, Reynolds left the scene.Firefighters were called and were able to pull the woman out of the lake. It is not yet known if the woman is okay.

People are angry with Reynolds for what she did. They are calling her names and saying she should be arrested.This is not the first time Reynolds has been in trouble for her behavior.


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Streamers dare a homeless woman to jump into a lake and then run away when she starts yelling for help
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“These people are focused on getting content and nothing else. That woman isn’t a human being to them. She is a prop. Suddenly, though, this “prop” starts pleading for help, and it’s like for the first time, these dickheads are realising they put an actual person’s life in jeopardy. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but I have a genuine concern for future generations when it comes to the importance of human life. And I’m not just blaming young people. I think the internet has deeply affected a lot of people’s sense of empathy,” commented a user.

“This is just a spoiled brat that gets all dramatic to make her the centre of attention. “I’m going to kill myself.” Not likely; she loves herself too much. How people have that little regard for people and, for the most part, are just uneducated brats,” wrote another user.

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