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JVL — it would appear that you and I saw President Biden’s performance in the June 27 debate demand an end to his campaign for re-election. His performance on Friday, using a teleprompter, not withstanding. Biden’s loss of train of thought did not begin or end on June 27 — it was visible in recent press encounters (including his benign Normandy interview with David Muir) and his introduction of Elton John at Stonewall on Friday afternoon.

What ever the “medical emergency” on Thursday evening, Biden owes the country a different nominee. Today’s Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity raises stakes from OMG to EXISTENTIAL.

Jonathan, we agree Kamela Harris is not that candidate. Charisma and accomplishment are lacking.

Where we disagree is in answering the most important question — who should Democrats nominate in his stead? No,Jonathan, the possibilities is not limited to just a list of currently sitting Democratic governors. Consideration must be wide; including leaders in the private sector, former centrist governors, even former military leaders.


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In this moment of existential crisis (no hyperbole here) any person with capability, credibility and charisma should be considered.

What about Charlie Baker (former GOP Governor of Massachusetts) or Admiral McRaven or Jamie Dimon or Mark Cuban to name just a few. I don’t care what their voter registration is.

Nobody knew Eisenhower’s voter registration before GOP made him a better offer.

Mark Cuban makes no bones about his conservative, private sector centric politics, but has been outspoken in his advocacy for Biden over Trump. I would happily trade his passionate defense of American ideals and his track record of success for his GOP party registration.

None of these potential candidates have to promise to serve longer than a single four year term. Long enough to set the country back on its axis before moving on.

Such a candidate must articulate a positive small ‘d’ democratic vision for the future of America (and the free world), in words understood and embraced by the vast middle of America: a vision that can beat Donald Trump in a landslide.

A landslide that would sound like a dramatic exhale for the 70 percent of voters who hate both existing choices.

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