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Honor 100 Series Design and Release Date

In an exciting announcement, Honor has officially initiated the preheating phase for its highly anticipated Honor 100 series of smartphones. The grand unveiling is set to take place on November 23, promising a perfect fusion of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology under the intriguing slogan, “beauty, full of points on the mirror.”

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Honor 100 Series Official Teaser

The series introduces two distinct models, each boasting its unique design language. One model showcases a distinctive semi-circular rear lens module, adding a touch of modern elegance. Meanwhile, the other, positioned as the more high-end variant, adopts a sophisticated irregular oval-like layout, elevating the series to new levels of style.

Delving into the design details, the Honor 100 Pro catches the eye with its innovative use of a vegetal skin-splicing glass process, emphasizing a seamless and uninterrupted aesthetic. The absence of a breakpoint center frame contributes to a sleek and cohesive design, reinforcing the device’s commitment to a premium look and feel.

On the front, the Pro version features a spirit-lifting double-dug hole curved screen, further enhancing the immersive visual experience. Meanwhile, the standard Honor 100 model boasts a single punch-hole curved display, showcasing a commitment to elegant simplicity.


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As anticipation builds for the official release on November 23, tech enthusiasts and smartphone aficionados eagerly await the opportunity to experience the intersection of beauty and innovation embodied by the Honor 100 series. Stay tuned for a closer look at these remarkable devices that promise to redefine the smartphone landscape.

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